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Hyderabad Escorts: Terms and Condition

For accessing our sites you need to agree with our T&C. Here ‘you' means the party and ‘we' means the company. It is strictly prohibited that one who is below 18 years is not permitted to access our sites. Because our service is strictly for the adults and the pictures of high profile call girls are for the adults only. There is a button mentioning ‘I agree' and by clicking the button the concerned user is allowed to access our sites. After signing the terms and conditions you are bound to company’s policy. Company is not liable for any problem if you face by accessing our site.

The company has the rights to change any terms and conditions if needed. All the changes of terms and conditions are notified in our sites. The company also bears the privilege to delete any condition. But all the conditions are there to satisfy the clients and ensure their good service.

We strictly follow the terms and condition prescribed by the company. We never break the terms and conditions to provide the customers real and satisfying service. All the terms and conditions are clearly mentioned in our site and all the clients are advised to go through the terms and conditions before booking our Hyderabad escorts services.

The Code of Conducts:

  • We never do any unlawful activities and never allow the clients to break law and order as prescribed by the authority. If such case appears we take lawful steps as we are bound to do so.
  • We never allow any misbehaviour of the clients with the call girls or others. At the same time we do not allow to behave violently with us. We always cooperate with the customers.
  • For cancellation of booking there are particular norms of the company mentioned in our sites. So the customers are requested to follow the norms before booking.
  • We never allow the customers to use any drug while enjoying our service. If a customer does so we are forced to take legal steps.
  • We are also careful to the conduct of our personnel. If there is any misconduct from our employees the client can complain to our help desk and we take immediate steps against such practice.
  • We provide the code of conduct to every customer before taking our service. We repeatedly advise the client to follow these rules so that there is not any problem.
  • You must acknowledge that the services and materials what we provide you are in your responsibility. If any damage occurs there you have to bear it. At the same time if there is any inconveniency in our service you may complain and we are responsible for any lack of service and inconveniencies.
  • We never disclose any personal data of the clients. It is strictly maintained. If such case appears the client can complain us and may take lawful steps against the company. We assure you the safety and security.
  • With the taking of the service of the call girls the customers are also given a list containing the code of conduct and the advices how to handle and behave with the call girls. The customers are expected to follow the advices.
  • For sexual intercourse with the call girls, the clients are advised to keep the preventive object with him like condom and the company does not provide this.


Prohibition of the Users: Call Girls in Hyderabad

There are some prohibitions that Hyderabad Escort Service strictly maintains. Our employees and agents are aware of these prohibitions. But at the same time we also make the customers aware of these prohibition and these are absolutely essential to provide you better service.

  • No minor is allowed to access our sites. Similarly no minor is permitted to book any service provided by us.
  • You are not allowed to change any content of our sites. Only the company bears this privilege.
  • You can not download or copy any image exhibited on our web sites. At the same time nobody is allowed to use any picture of our sites for individual or commercial purpose.
  • The users of our site are not allowed to make comment on a picture or policy. There is separate division of our site ‘contact us' where the users can communicate with us.

Liability of the Call Girls Post:

The users make various comments on our services. There are many irrelevant comments posted by some users. The company is not liable for any comment. We just post different facilities for your information.


The Hyderabad escorts services is responsible to maintain those that are mentioned in the site. While searching our site there appear many ads and if the client access there and face any problem the company will not take any responsibility. However Hyderabad Escort Service does not have other web sites and links. If there is any, the client may inform us directly. We are bound to provide these services printed on our sites.

However, our prime object is tom provide the customers satisfying service. So, the clients are also expected to cooperate with us. All these are for your safety and security.

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