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Frequently Asked Questions(FQA)

1. Is it legal according to Indian law to provide call girls by the Hyderabad escort services to the customers?

Ans: Yes, we have Govt. permission and license. There is no legal problem. Our company is Govt. approved.

2. Are the call girls of all ages available there?

Ans: Yes, we provide call girls of various ages. The choice depends on the customer’s need.

3. What is the machinery to maintain privacy in the escort services?

Ans: The whole team works in a particular system under the guidance of the experts in the fields of safety and security.

4. Are the call girls really reliable and dependable?

Ans: All the call girls supplied by us are absolutely reliable and confidential. They never break the professional rules and work according to the terms and condition.

5. Is the privacy strictly maintained by the management?

Ans: Yes, we have Govt. permission and license. There is no legal problem. Our company is Govt. approved.

6. How many types of call girls are available there?

Ans: It depends on age and rate.

7. How can I contact with the management?

Ans: In our web sites all the details are given and our help line is active for twenty four hours.

8. When do the escort service agencies appoint call girls and how to apply there?

Ans: There is no particular time of appointment. A girl who wants to work as call girl can apply any time. We call her according to need and demand.

9. What is the maximum age considered for the appointment of the call girls?

Ans: it depends on the appearance and physical fitness of the candidate who want to work.

10. How can I open an escort service agency and how to work?

Ans: You need to contact with those who are efficient in this field.

11. How many types of rates are there?

Ans: All the rates are given in the websites. It varies according to demand and seasons.

12. What services are provided for the high class escort?

Ans: The service depends on the need of the clients. We arrange according to the need and demand of the customers to fulfil his satisfaction.

13. Is the proper bill of expenditure with tax given to the customers after the end of the service?

Ans: Yes, there is no hidden cost.


14. Are the call girls smart and familiar in speaking English?

Ans: Yes

15. Do the escort service agencies bear any license from the local authorities for running such business?

Ans: Yes.

16. Do the escort services provide day-night service?

Ans: Yes

17. Do the call girls behave friendly with familiarity?

Ans: They are very funny. They behave with great familiarity.

18. How can I know the physical fitness of the call girls?

Ans: all the papers are ready with the office. Company is responsible for this.

19. How is the minimum rate of a call girl?

Ans: Minimum 18 years.

20. Is the booking money refunded if the booking is cancelled?

Ans: Partly money is deducted.

21. What identity proof is needed for the booking of an escort service?

Ans: Any Govt. Approved photo identity.

22. What is the minimum range of the lodging provided by the escort service agencies?

Ans: Available in our web sites.

23. Do the escort service agencies provide tour guide to the traveller?

Ans: Yes, we provide experienced tour guide.

24. Can a lady get a male sex worker from the escort service agencies?

Ans: Yes, we provide it.

25. Do the call girls demand extra money or tips from the clients?

Ans: Never, it goes against our business ethics.

26. Is the escort provided day basis or hour basis?

Ans: It depends on the customer’s demand.

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